Cornhole Gladiator Sidekick Pro Carrying Case | Holds 4 Corn Hole Bags



Cornhole Accessories:

  • DESIGNED BY ACL PROS FOR CORNHOLE BAGS: The Sidekick Cornhole Utility Pouch was created specifically to hold cornhole bags. Other pouches were designed for light travel. The sidekick cornhole pouch was built Gladiator strong.
  • HOLDS 1 SET OF REGULATION ACL CORNHOLE BAGS: Easily choose which bags you need with the clear vinyl window and 3 side zipper opening makes accessing your bags quick and easy
  • FITS PERFECT IN THE BATTLE BAG CORNHOLE BACKPACK: The SIdekick was built specifically to fit the 4 cube design in ultimate cornhole bag backpack The Gladiator Cornhole Backpack
  • PROTECT YOUR CORNHOLE BAGS: Protect your cornhole bags while on the go! No more searching for that missing bag. Keep them organized and safe in the sidekick!
  • CORNHOLE BAG STORAGE: When you’re not playing cornhole, the Sidekick lets you store your bags in an easy, organized way allowing you to choose what set you need when you need them.