Cornhole Portable Electronic Scoreboard



Cornhole Accessories:

  • 【Remote Control Operation】Our scoreboard can be operated by remote control, keep score from 1 to 99 through HOME, GUEST logo. HOME&GUEST scores can be reset and exchanged, support foul score display records, sound when scores change (can be disabled), 5-level brightness adjustment, and various functions can be set and manipulated through the remote control. The 30-foot remote control distance perfectly meets the needs of indoor and outdoor games.
  • 【Quickly record scores – easy to use】Red and blue digital display, easy to distinguish scores of different groups. +1, +2, +3, -1 score shortcut keys allow you to record the score faster. The scoreboard comes with a mounting accessory, you can place the scoreboard smoothly on the table or floor, or it can be mounted on the wall .
  • 【Scoreboard for Games/Events】Just like a score flipper, this electronic digital scoreboard can be used for many indoor/outdoor games, such as corn hole game, ping pong, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, baseball and other competitive games, You don’t have to walk to the table to change your score. Just a remote can help you change your score on the field!
  • 【Additional functions】The newly upgraded electronic scoreboard has various functions such as clock display 12/24-hour system, hour-minute/minute-second countdown/updown, foul score record, etc. It can support mobile power supply, allowing you to carry it anywhere for use at any time.